Morning Cuppa – 06/11/13 – Signing off.

Hey folks, it’s not quite morning anymore but I thought I’d let you all know that the Morning Cuppa is going to be signing off.

This began as an attempt to get me blogging more frequently, which worked, but it also just made me end up ONLY doing this. Because of that and steadily declining page views since the beginning of the year, I’m going to try out a new direction. A lesson I’ve taken away is that people get fatigue from seeing the same thing over and over. By calling this the Morning Cuppa, it built up recognizability early on, but the long term effect was that people, I think, just got tired of seeing the same title daily.

So I’m not finished blogging by a longshot, I’ll probably begin posting about two to three times a day, in fact. They’ll be short, shareworthy things hopefully, about what I’ve always blogged about, writing, SF and whatever else catches my eye.

Thanks to the folks who supported this experiment and regularly checked out my daily rantings and ravings. Stay tuned for more, in a slightly different format.