10 Kick-ass places to read: West Palm Beach edition

Sometimes, you read something that makes you utterly despise the place you live. At such times you are faced with a choice. You can let that thing feed into a spiraling sense of despair and negativity, or you can change your perspective ever-so slightly and return to the beauty. I’m no Zen master, I think this is a challenge we all face every day, myself more than most.

In light of reminding myself about the good parts of where I live, I give you 10 Kick-ass places to read in and around West Palm Beach.

  1. The beach, obviously. This one should get its own post (and probably will eventually).
  2. Harold’s Coffee in Northwood Village. It’s a bit ‘scenestery’ at times but can be a great place to retreat to in the morning or early afternoons. Find a table inside or plop down on the couch and zone out. I usually go for tea or juice here because the coffee (Intelligentsia, I think) has a powerful caffeine kick that doesn’t work well when you’re trying to chill out.
  3. Speaking of coffee shops, one of my buddies goes to Coastars in Lake Worth all the time to read. I’ve never been there myself but it’s on my to-do list.
  4. Also in Lake Worth, right around the corner is the Boomerang bar. It’s not quite the same as when it was called Brogue’s but still a good place to duck out of the heat and drink a pint at the bar while reading away the afternoon.
  5. Just down the street, on the Lake Worth pier is Benny’s On the Beach. The restaurant proper is not a good place to read, they’re too busy for that but just before the restaurant is a little bar where you can sit and read (and drink) while feeling the lovely ocean breezes. You can even order off the restaurant’s menu.
  6. A couple miles down the road in Lantana is the Old Key Lime House. It’s all outdoors, so find some shade and enjoy relaxing by the intracoastal while you watch boats pull in and out for lunch.
  7. Right by the pool. Other than the beach, it’s the second go-to destination for r&r.
  8. Starbucks. Yeah, it’s a giant chain, blah blah. It’s also just a nice place to chill out.
  9. This one may also surprise some folks… Brewzzi’s in City Place. I’ve stopped there several times after picking up some new books from the Barnes & Noble (rip in another couple weeks). Sitting at the bar on an early afternoon is a nice way to breeze through a hundred pages.
  10. Peanut Island. I admittedly don’t get there often as I don’t own a boat and the increased policing of the island has been a bit of a buzzkill but still, you’re on an island! Reading a book! How much more idyllic do you need?

Are you from West Palm? An ex-pat? Where are your favorite places to read?