Book cover design: a diy approach

Though I’m still deeply undecided about whether to self-pub or shop around my first novel (hooray, I’m still editing, so I’ve got plenty of time!), I found this post about using public domain artwork to help you design your own book cover using public domain artwork. floatingmouth

The writer, and amateur designer, Casey Dexter turned to reddit for feedback. By far the funniest interaction on that thread:


I’m saving to bmp as often as I can. I’d love to center the text, believe me, but there’s no way to do it in the version of ms paint I have. Each word is a separate text box, and I tried to line them up visually with the ruler. I told you my tools were simple! The text needs to be done in photoshop or something, the main problem is the kerning.


               As a designer the things you’re saying are giving me a brain aneurysm.

Everyone’s a critic, eh? Haha. To the right, you can see his results.