The Cringer Begins – Movies and comics

I may be the only person whose reaction, when hearing about a movie based on a comic book series, winces like I just found a new cavity. I am my own special breed of superhero: The Cringer.

Okay, okay, so some of the Batman and Spiderman flicks were pretty good and yes, I liked the Watchmen movie. But the Hulk? Batman and Robin? Thor (what the fuck Rotten Tomatoes, how did this get 77%)? The X-Men movies were almost not barf-worthy. Almost. Had it not been for Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan it would have been unwatchable. An aside: seriously, shouldn’t those two be in a buddy cop movie together? Or a drag remake of Thelma & Louise? Well, I’d watch it.

Granted, I have some beef with superheroes (probably why I liked Watchmen). So outside of superheroes, I feel a little bit better about things, though still guarded. Sin City? Pretty, but stupid (plus, fuck Wank Miller), Ghostworld? Meh, okay. I never saw Scott Pilgrim (I know, I KNOW). 

Anyways, when I saw that Brian K. Vaughn’s Y: The Last Man, may be getting the Hollywood treatment (and threats of a series!!! no less), well, you can imagine how The Cringer reacted: with his trademark cringe as he pulled up his collar against the evils of a dark, dark night.