Fyi: taking a little break

Fyi, for the folks who are interested, I’m taking a little rest from the pressure I usually put on myself to write, blog, edit, etc.

iPhone-BatteryIf you’re a writer reading this blog, I think you can sympathize with the amount of stress maintaining a full time job can be while also trying to be a productive writer. If you’re plugged into writer’s groups, or follow authors on twitter or reddit or wherever else, it can feel like you’re constantly falling behind. You start to get the impression that everyone is massively more professional and put together than you are. In the time that it took me to write and do the second draft of my first novel, I’ve watched other writers push through writing, edits, and publish more than one novel.

It’s easy to say you can’t compare yourself to others but putting that thinking into practice can be a difficult thing. After all, if you don’t have a yardstick, how can you measure your own progress? Nevertheless, I’m trying to challenge my own thinking on this. I understand that most of the people who I’m comparing myself to now are published authors who (for the most part) have made a career of their writing. That is their 40 hours+ a week. That I’m comparing myself at all to people in that caliber is a testament to how far I’ve progressed in a couple short years and I try to keep that front of mind.

This week, I put the finishing touches on my second draft and invited anyone who wanted access to be a beta reader for me. On Tuesday, I felt odd when sitting down at my desk in the morning. I didn’t have that story to read, polish, etc. anymore. It was out in the wild. I tried to start writing something else. I’ve plotted out three or four other stories to one degree or another while editing this book. But something didn’t feel right about doing that. I didn’t have the energy and enthusiasm that you really need at the beginning of a project to see it through.

So for that reason, I’m taking a little break. It’s only going to be for couple weeks but I feel like I need it to recharge the batteries and get myself back to full strength again.

In the meantime, if you would like a beta copy of my book and would be interested in giving me some feedback, please fill out the contact form here and tell me if you’d like a pdf, word, kindle or nook formatted file.

See you all soon!