Cultivating a list of Florida Scifi, Fantasy and Horror writers

Okay, I know that I said I was taking a break yesterday but I just need to get the ball rolling on this one small thing.

Yesterday someone asked me if I could connect them with any other science fiction, fantasy and horror writers in Florida who were on Twitter. I follow a couple and suggested them to him, but there were surprisingly fewer than I recalled having followed.

So I started cultivating a list, well two of them, actually.

One is for Florida SFF writers on Twitter:

The other is for Florida SFF writers on Facebook (login required):

Thusfar, they’re both little sparse BUT you can help change that! If you’re a writer who meets the below requirements, I’ll add you to the list:

  1. You live in Florida
  2. You write
  3. You write science fiction, fantasy, or horror
  4. You don’t spam the hell out of people or over-promote*

Just contact me via my contact form, Twitter or on Facebook and ask to be added to the list.

If you’re not a writer, but know someone who should be on the list, let me know about them.

Now back to my break…


*my discretion, sorry – basically, if I look at your Twitter feed and see a significant number of tweets promoting your work, I won’t include you. Don’t do that and everything will be great!