Time to start pitching the novel!

I’m feeling ready, like a runner who’s trained for months for a marathon. It’s time to put out my feelers and start pitching my novel to publishers and agents.

Photo courtesy flickr user David Paul Ohmer.
Photo courtesy flickr user David Paul Ohmer.

I have some rewrites on the horizon from the feedback I get from beta readers but those will happen fairly quickly, I think. Also, chances are high that even with a successful pitch, I’ll still get a list of things that require rewrites. I’m cool with that.

I hear some of your questions, “but Nathan, why would you submit to agents or publishers when you could self publish and retain control of your work?” I hear you, dear reader, I do. And over the last couple of years of reading opinions on blogs, twitter, reddit and news sites, my answer is this: while publishers have become somewhat diminished by the rise of self publishing they are still behemoths in the market place. Yes there are self pub success stories like Hugh Howey out there, but I believe that he represents the grazing edge of a very keen blade. His success is astonishing and invigorating. It’s also enormously unique to him being at the right place at the right time with the perfect content. While I may get that lucky (and I’m not diminishing his talent by saying that), expecting to duplicate his performance would be foolish on my part.

Undoubtedly, self publishing is a rising star in the industry. People are finding lots of success without the help of agents or publishers. There may come a moment in the near future, after I’ve collected enough rejections to sink my canoe when I’ll decide to go ahead and release my novel as a self pub. But I want to give the traditional way a shot before I do.

Some of the best success stories that I hear about are from those folks who are using the hybrid model of publishing right now. This is the direction I will likely try to take, where I release some things on my own and some things through a publisher. In my head, this approach just makes the most sense.

What are your thoughts? Are you getting ready to pitch? Have you foresworn traditional publishers? Am I way off base?