Nutella and tears – I try to learn how to hold my horses

Last week I wrote with some bravado about how I was ready to start submitting the book to agents and publishers. I even offhandedly said, “I have some rewrites on the horizon from the feedback I get from beta readers but those will happen fairly quickly, I think.”

To which I now respond, haha. HAHAHAHA.


And so on.

Because, as it turns out, I’m going to need a lot more work than I had originally thought. How much? Well, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that one. But here’s where the book sits now: I have a full manuscript that has been edited. It has some plot holes and is in need of more line edits than I have given it so far.

The other issue is that I need to take my secondary character, Isa and turn her into the protagonist.oh-shit-o She wrestled constantly with my current protagonist, Joe while I was writing the first draft. Since this was the first book I had ever written, I thought this was a natural part of the process and didn’t recognize it for what it was, a HUGE flashing warning sign. One that said, “hey asshole! You can’t ride a tyrannosaurus down this highway! It’s too big and it’s from a different dimension!”

I rode my dinosaur apace, snarling at the passing motorists.

So now I’m going through and creating a summary for every chapter. Something that hits the bullet points about what’s happening so that I can look through and say, tear out 10,000 words while weeping hysterically and shoveling fistfulls of Nutella from the jar into my mouth.

But everything’s fine, no really! ::barfs into hat::

Seriously though, while this does mean some more work, potentially a lot of work, I’ve never felt in a better place to pull it off. It’s just another part of the learning process and it’s helping me understand what it truly means to be a writer.