What to do with books that really are garbage?

Apparently thrift stores in the UK are having a hard time offloading copies of 50 Shades of Grey because no one is picking the book up off their shelves. The best seller is overwhelming thrift stores as more people buy and then donate the book.

The worst part is that because of the glue used in the binding, they’re not recyclable, meaning that they truly are trash. For a book that sold 5.3 million copies in the UK that’s a lot of waste.

A non sequitur that amused me was this quote which doesn’t mean the same thing in the US,

But now the country has amassed a “paper mountain” of unwanted copies of EL James’s erotic novel, suggesting that readers are bored with the “mummy porn” trilogy.

“Mummy porn” could be the next great genre… forget sparkly vampires! We’ve got dusty mummies!