For the writer’s toolbox – QueryTracker

This one probably lands squarely in the ‘no-duh’ category for most writers who have considered, or are succeeding at, the traditional publishing route but it was new for me. And hell, if it’s new to me then there are probably plenty of others out there who haven’t heard of it yet either.

qt QueryTracker is an online database for people looking for an agent or publisher for their book. I discovered it recently in an online workshop run by Carrie Cuinn (thanks Carrie!).  She’s also running a workshop at the end of October about plotting short stories that I may end up taking as well, find out more here.

I’ve only just begun to poke around QueryTracker but I like what I see so far and for a free membership, you can’t beat the price (premium option available). There’s also a fairly active forum and a blog that gets updated pretty regularly.