Little (BIG) Breakthroughs in Novel Planning

Some days just make you feel ebullient, happy and ready to take on the world. Today started out that way for me, as I worked out some new plot hooks for my current work in progress (WIP from here on). The great part was realizing that one plot hook actually opened doors into other novels.

It’s no secret that I’ve written a book, but only a handful of people have read it because, well, it still needs an apeload of work. But more than anything, it needed me to clean up a little matter of the main antagonist’s motivation for why he was behaving like a big bad and generally a massive a-hole. Today, I was mulling over the same problem in my latest outline, why would Bad Guy even bother doing what he was doing, and why would Good Guy (who is a woman) even care? I don’t want to get too much into the details of the plot (read the book!… er, someday?!) but the eureka moment helped to solve the core of the problem and actually unveiled an underlying piece of the structure of my homespun(ish) universe.

The current WIP is actually the second book in a series that I’m putting together, based around one character’s growth arc. As she’s growing, the world around her is changing, dramatically. It’s not an uncommon theme for multiple book arcs for main characters, unless you’re more into just writing episodically. ThexfilesOne of my influences has always been the X-Files, I loved how there was the main storyline where Mulder is trying to dig through the layers of conspiracy and bureaucracy to find the truth about aliens visiting the earth. The thing that made the show a knockout success was taking that theme and intermingling the monster of the week episodes. Just when you were getting tired of all of the UFO stuff, you’d get hit with an episode about the Jersey Devil, a psychic killer or a humorous break with vampires. The Dresden Files is another great example. So when I stumbled across this character, who started out her life as a supporting character but became so dynamic that she moved to the front of the pack, I saw the potential to give the multi-story arc, multiple book thing a go.

Until this morning, I wasn’t sure exactly how that was going to come together, but now I’ve significantly helped my editing process in book 1 and also have a great potential plot nugget for book 3.

Hello beautiful Tuesday, thanks for coming in and body slamming Monday.