Morning Cuppa – 03/28/13 – Boost your writing career! Self pubbing! D&D pin!

  • The Creative Penn today writes a post about 9 activities that you can do to boost your writer career. There’s some good info here, especially the networking with other writers, public speaking kind of stuff. d_d
  • Agent assisted self publishing is a service that is starting to be provided by agents in light of the fact that so many authors are trying to go it alone. Usually the terms are that in exchange for formatting and submitting your book the agent takes care of managing it and receives 15% of royalties indefinitely. Copy editing, proofing, cover art, etc are usually an additional charge. Read the rest of the article by Melissa Foster and especially the part about Amazon’s White Glove Program. (via Passive Voice)
    If you want my take, if you give me $50 I’ll format your book submit it for you and you can keep your rights. More importantly though, if you’re an author, there are free or cheap tools that you can use to do this sort of thing for yourself. Don’t let fear of learning something new be the motivator for losing 15% of your royalties for the life of the book.
  • If any of you were wondering what to get me for my birthday, this enamel life achievement pin might be a nice idea…