Morning Cuppa – 04/21/13 – Hemlock Grove! Jose Canseco! Deadbeat publishers!

This weekend I began reading Brian Jacques’ Redwall, the novel that launched his epic fantasy series involving mice, rats, badgers and other sorts of small woodland creatures. I’ve never read any of his books before but after slogging through a couple of none-too-inspired books recently, it’s refreshing to be back reading an author who actually enjoys the subjects of his book.

  • Have you watched any of Netflix’s new series Hemlock Grove? I still haven’t found the time but it’s starting to sound like the initial reviews may be proving out. Lauren Davis over on io9 says that, “in fact, it’s sometimes downright boring.” I didn’t read the full spoiler-filled review but it’s already got me wishing that it had come together better.
  • Dean Wesley-Smith is documenting his day to day ghost writing of a novel. It’s a fun look into someone’s novel writing process in general. When I see that he wrote 7600 words in his first day, it’s a little stunning, but hey this is his full time gig.
  • Amy Chavez details 10 points that may indicate you’re being taken for a ride by your publisher. (via Passive Voice)

    8. They shun Amazon sales because they don’t make as much money as they do selling the book on their own website, where they are charging US$11.00 for domestic shipping on a 220-page, 10.4 oz book.

    9. They say it is not in their “business model” to get your book into major bookstores. (See numbers three and eight.)

    10. They eventually admit that they did not get your book reviewed by any major reviewers, including Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal.

    Her conclusion after the affair: “Next time, I’ll self-publish.”
    This sort of experience really begs the question, are traditional publishers digging their own graves?

It wouldn’t be Sunday without some funnies: