Cultivating a list of Florida Scifi, Fantasy and Horror writers

Okay, I know that I said I was taking a break yesterday but I just need to get the ball rolling on this one small thing.

Yesterday someone asked me if I could connect them with any other science fiction, fantasy and horror writers in Florida who were on Twitter. I follow a couple and suggested them to him, but there were surprisingly fewer than I recalled having followed.

So I started cultivating a list, well two of them, actually.

One is for Florida SFF writers on Twitter:

The other is for Florida SFF writers on Facebook (login required):

Thusfar, they’re both little sparse BUT you can help change that! If you’re a writer who meets the below requirements, I’ll add you to the list:

  1. You live in Florida
  2. You write
  3. You write science fiction, fantasy, or horror
  4. You don’t spam the hell out of people or over-promote*

Just contact me via my contact form, Twitter or on Facebook and ask to be added to the list.

If you’re not a writer, but know someone who should be on the list, let me know about them.

Now back to my break…


*my discretion, sorry – basically, if I look at your Twitter feed and see a significant number of tweets promoting your work, I won’t include you. Don’t do that and everything will be great!

Goals and resolutions from other authors and creatives

After I wrote up my own resolutions in a previous post, my partner (in the domestic sense) suggested that maybe I should reach out and see what sort of resolutions other authors and creative people had. I panned on it at first, thinking that the response would be tepid at best. To my surprise and delight, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who agreed to take part. Thanks to each of you below who took time out of your busy lives to humor me.

Some of these folks I follow on Twitter, some I’m friends with offline. There are quite a number of authors in the mix, for obvious reasons, but there are people who also add teacher or game designer, editor or publisher to their daily duties. Each of them have (I think) some interesting perspective on their coming year and what they would like to achieve.

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