Morning Cuppa – 04/06/13 – Short Fiction Saturday

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday, enjoy these little treats as you head into your weekend.

  • shares Backscatter by Gregory Benford
    • She was cold, hurt, and doomed, but otherwise reasonably cheery.
      Erma said, Your suit indices are nominal but declining.
      “Seems a bit nippy out,” Claire said. She could feel the metabolism booster rippling through her, keeping pain at bay. Maybe it would help with the cold, too.
      Her helmet spotlight swept over the rough rock and the deep black glittered with tiny minerals. She killed the spot and looked up the steep incline. A frosty splendor of stars glimmered, outlining the peak she was climbing. Her breath huffed as she said, “Twenty-five meters to go.”
  • Beneath Ceaseless Skies released a new issue on Thursday, here’s The Crows Her Dragon’s Gate by Benjanun Sriduangkaew
    • Before the end there would be love-songs to a passion so fierce that the offspring of my body turned into suns; tales of our courtship a wildfire that scorched the world.
      The annals of heavens may not always be trusted. They were texts carefully edited, passed to chosen scholars; it did well to remind the warlords—and once empire dreams had come true, the monarchs calling themselves heaven’s sons—that above them reigned paradise, and above paradise an everlasting emperor.
      Much was elided and confused. But in the beginning, it was mostly that I was young.
  • Likewise, Apex Magazine also released a new issue this week. Here’s Dawn and the Maiden by Sofia Samatar.
    • My love is a river. My love is a brink. My love is the brink of an underground river. My love’s arms ripple like rivers in the moonlight when he unlocks the garden gate. He lifts the great beam and sets it in place. He bows to the Lady’s guests. These are three men, filthy with travel. Each has only one eye.
      My love has eyes of brown agate, eyes that flicker like hanging crystal. In the dark they are black, but their brownness glints when he stands beneath the lantern in the garden. My love waits for me beneath the lantern. He waits while I serve wine to the Lady’s guests. On my way to join him, I leave an offering of bracelets at the entrance to the Lady’s corridor.