Morning Cuppa – 02/01/13 – Space fire! Red Shirts shirts! Writing income!

It’s Friday, and not a day too soon. As I send you off into your weekend, keep the image of fire in space close to your heart.

Morning Cuppa – 01/30/13 – Bananas! Crunk! Basic D&D!

Good morning all you shiny, shiny bruised bananas, I’ve got a few words for you…

  • Drunken and pantsless Chuck Wendig does an AMA on Reddit.
  • Wil Wheaton wants to run a game of basic D&D after the module In Search of the Unknown was released. I’m feeling a similar itch.
  • A saucy question if anyone should dare to answer: I’m very interested in Brandon Sanderson’s final Wheel of Time contribution but have tried twice on the series and never gotten past book five. Is there any reason to challenge myself to endure through the series as written? Or should I just jump in and let the cards fall? As a writer I feel terrible even asking the question but I read those books as they were being published and after five, I was like… really? I dunno, it’ll probably come off as blasphemy but the story just didn’t keep my attention after that point. Thoughts?
  • Mark Lawrence posts on reddit fantasy about why stealing a book from an author is a truly bastardly thing to do.
  • On a much more serious note, Stephen R. Bisette writes a post on his blog about DragonCon and the convention’s co-owner and accused child-molester, Ed Kramer. It’s an issue I am embarrassed to say I knew nothing about previously. It’s well worth the read and has convinced me not to attend the con, in spite of its close proximity to me. It includes an appeal from his Swamp Thing collaborator, Nancy A. Collins.