Morning Cuppa – 05/05/13 – GenCon! Insurance for writers! Cinco de Mayo!

Been fighting a toothache all morning, so the morning cuppa is coming to you more as a brunch cuppa. Send me all of your prescription pain killers now!

  • Hey GenCon friends, there’s a new scheduling tool that has been created that will help you comb through the thousands of events, similar to what the High Programmer has done for years. But this new script runs from your computer rather than a web interface, meaning less potential downtime and it also helps you finagle your schedule so you get the most out of you con experience. Downside? It runs on an old version of Python, and it is a script, not a traditional application. I haven’t given it a go yet, let me know if you get it working.
  • David Farland shares one of the most difficult parts about being self-employed… finding adequate insurance. His family has been socked by inadequate insurance or complete lack of it thanks to insurers who didn’t want to cover him because he has type 2 diabetes. Now, with a son in the hospital and the very real possibility of over a million dollars in hospital bills he shares what he’s learned and what you should do if you’re self-employed. There’s also a link at the end of that article on how you can help his son Ben out.
  • Galleycat shares free books for Cinco de Mayo!
  • Charlaine Harris, she of Sookie Stackhouse fame, has decided to throw in the towel on the series. And because she has some of the most loyal and crazy-rabid fans in the universe, naturally she’s received death threats.