Morning Cuppa – 02/19/13 – Cinematic Titanic quits! Neil Gaiman writing more Sandman! Crowdfunding publishing!

I’m back from vacation and heading back to work this morning, but am happy to say that I’ve begun writing a new project. Not sure where it’s going yet but I’m hoping I can take it either into a novella or into a full, novel length adventure. Time will tell.

    • The folks at Cinematic Titanic have announced that they’re hanging it up after their touring commitments this year. The project, which feels like it just started to me is celebrating its fifth year. They’ve never done any touring in my neck of the woods so I never had the opportunity to see them live.
    • Is crowdfunding the future of indie publishing? This commentary/interview looks at the successes of anthologies and the failures of standalone books. I think that it’s hard to get anything crowdfunded on the publishing end unless you’ve got a celeb/noteworthy name or two tied to the project.
    • Neil Gaiman is writing more Sandman. Holy crap.