Morning Cuppa – 03/27/13 – Jeff VanderMeer! Twitter rant! Peter Dinklage!

Warning, rant ahead!!! Fret not, I’ll ease you out with a great interview with Peter Dinklage.

  • Big congrats go out to Jeff VanderMeer whose book Annihilation was optioned by Paramount to be made into a movie and is headed into production with producer Scott Rudin.
  • The literary world is all in a twist because author Mohsin Hamid retweeted others’ praise of his books. Nesrine Malik at the Guardian even called him a “monster”.  But is it so bad to promote yourself and your books on Twitter? I’ve looked over his (currently) 212 tweets and while it’s true that he doesn’t take a lot of time developing his persona on the medium, he’s a far cry from being any sort of Twitter offender.
    The guy’s on a major book tour right now. He’s promoting speaking engagements, author signings and interviews with the media. This is what people do on book tours. This is what every successful author I follow on Twitter does. As long as you don’t break the cardinal rule of scheduling the same self promotional tweet every 7 hours until the end of time, you’re doing pretty good. And he’s interacting with fans of his work! There are sooo many authors who I follow who I can’t even get a simple reply from and they’re not even lofty, literary types (though some are plenty arrogant).
    I think ultimately what’s at play here is the not-so-subtle pissing and moaning of the literati, rage-raging against the dying of the  time when they didn’t have to use modern media. Suck it up, learn to use it. We out here in the genres have done quite well with it.
  • Peter Dinklage appeared on The Daily Show and talks about ‘nerd glaze’ and how they are called to set by ravens. I love this guy.