Our Other Band Could Be Your Life « The Bygone Bureau

Great article by my friend Dan about music of the 90’s and the impact it had on him and so many others in our generation. He also takes a look at the renewed interest it’s garnered from younger folks in recent years.

Our Other Band Could Be Your Life « The Bygone Bureau.

This sentence really stuck with me,

“Back then, I took it for granted that all rock music—left, right, or middle of the dial—should strive to be both entertainment and art.”


Being a child of the 90’s myself, that got me thinking about my own experience with not just music but art in general. I remember thinking at that time that this was what life would be like and wasn’t it awesome? There actually was a place in the adult world for me that wasn’t drab and dull and depressing.

It might not be lucrative but it would feel meaningful. I could make music, be a writer, hang out in coffee shops and debate the message of indy films. It was everything that became the stereotype of the 90’s grunge or alternative kid and you know, I still miss it.