Morning Cuppa – 05/10/13 – I need an editor! Tobias Buckell freelanciversary! D&D the movie!


  • Lately I’ve been thinking I need some professional help. ALL RIGHT, SETTLE DOWN YOU JOKERS! Like I was saying– DAMMIT ROGER SIT DOWN AND STOP MAKING FART SOUNDS WITH YOUR ARMPIT. Thank you.
    Like I was saying, help in order to get a professional editor to take a look at my work and give me some structural feedback. And hell, maybe even a line editor. I’ve been struggling with edits on this book for a while and I’m not even sure if what I’m doing is helping. So interwebs, help me out. I need an editor, what I’m looking for: someone with years of relevant experience. Please. I’ve seen a lot of folks who actually advertise that they’re recent college grads with an English degree. That’s great, but I need someone with experience looking at manuscripts. Reading manuscripts. Fixing manuscripts. I’ve looked around a lot online but I don’t even know how to vet people and the last thing I want is to pay someone and be unhappy with what I get back.
    If there’s a resource, or a freelancer, who you would recommend please leave a comment here, message me on twitter or through the contact button on this page. Thanks!
  • Congrats to Tobias Buckell who says, “I’m so. Fucking. Lucky,” on his 7th year of being a freelancer/fiction writer full time without the need for a full time job to buoy himself. It’s great as a writer to see other writers succeeding at making their dreams come true.
  • With the talk yesterday about a potential new Dungeons & Dragons movie, that got Tor blogger Mordicai Knode thinking about what it would take to make an actual good one. The past attempts have been less than stellar (Jeremy Irons, I’m looking at you). My vote goes for either a Ravenloft or Planescape movie. Naturally, either of those are rife for embarrassing and cliched elements without a halfway decent budget.
  • And now, for your Friday amusement, a video of kids tasting different foods for the first time, in slow motion:

Shared: Paid and Free Editing Software For Manuscripts

As I get closer to finishing my novel (I’m just about 18,000 words away as of this morning!) I’m starting to pay more attention to what the next phase will bring: heavy edits and rewrites.

This is a post that I found useful and am bookmarking for myself here so that I know to come back to it when the time is right. There’s a rather unfortunate banner on this blog, you’ve been warned!

Paid and Free Editing Software For Manuscripts « Virginia Ripple’s Blog | One Servant’s Heart.