Morning Cuppa – 03/05/13 – Scrivener and Snowflakes! Between Two Thorns! Writer Beware!

Sorry all, forgot to hit publish on this one earlier today. I’ve got a few quickies for you and I’m off!

  • For users of Scrivener, I recently came across this template for the Snowflake method. There’s nothing too complex about it, but it does get your gears running on how to organize and create content using this method. For those not familiar with the Snowflake method, it takes the conceptual idea of fractals and applies that to story generation. You start out with a core, one sentence, and then build 5 sentences off of that. Then you take those 5 sentences and make 5 sentences from each of them, and so on. It’s a novel (hah) approach that I’m attempting to incorporate in my next book.
  • Emma Newman‘s new book Between Two Thorns is excerpted on
  • Chuck Wendig shares 25 Things Writers Should Beware

      Social media ain’t that goddamn hard, people. You know how, like, you’re a person who walks around and talks to people at the mall, or at work, or at the dinner table? And how it doesn’t behoove you to be a total fucking asshole there? Do the same thing online. There! Ta-da! I just saved you from hiring a social media guru who will take your money in order to infuse your social media presence with the rank snot-curdling odor of sour douchebaggery (“brand!” “platform!” “Klout score!”). Also: piss on anybody who wants to take your money to give you 10,000 new “followers” in the blink of an eye.

Morning Cuppa – 02/27/13 – Tabletop Day! Emma Newman! Dungeon Delve!

More exciting announcements this morning than you can shake a stick at. Can’t wait for Tabletop Day!

  • GeekDad has a review of a new game that’s up on Kickstarter right now, Dungeon Delve. The description makes it sound like an easy party game to set up, essentially a mildly complicated dice game with D&D flavor. While reading the review, I kept thinking Zombie Dice for fantasy fans. For $15 it’s low risk for a game, any game these days, and scheduled delivery is for August… perhaps just in time for everyone’s favorite gaming convention?
  • Felicia Day announced this morning that March 30 will be International Tabletop Day.