Morning Cuppa – 04/19/13 – Writing groups! Chuck Palahniuk! Hobbit homes!

It’s Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend!

  • This is kind of a neat idea for how to expand your fanbase and get more exposure.hobbit This writing group, the Indie Voice, released a boxed set of eight books under the title, To Die For. It allowed them to reach out to a larger number of people than any of them could individually. They also agreed to release the entire set for $.99 for a short period, then up it to $9.99 before disbanding the collection and allowing each of the authors to sell their book individually. There’s also a link in that article to how to find a writer’s group near you. Would you consider releasing your book as part of a collection in the hopes that it would increase your exposure?
  • Author Chuck Palahniuk recently remarked that in spite of the perception people have, Fight Club was actually a failure for a long time. When the movie came out his hard covers were already starting to be remaindered and then the movie flopped.
  • I would love to live in one of these earthen, Hobbit-inspired homes!