Morning Cuppa – 02/11/13 – Writing stuff! Game of Moans! Florida man!

I’m a little dense on writing stuff this morning (some would argue I’m a little dense most mornings), what do you want, it’s Monday! Read this and get back to writing!

  • Author Joanna Penn says that she’s feeling the need to update her production schedule so that she can join the ranks of authors who make 100% of their living off of their writing. In this post she shares some of the behavior changing techniques she’s employing to successfully write three 80,000-word first drafts this year. 
  • io9 spots a less than inspired trailer for the new season of Game of Thrones.
  • Florida is known nationwide as a land of ridiculous, insane and possibly the stupidest criminals. Working for a newspaper, I’m exposed to the travails of the “Florida man” on a daily basis. I’m glad that our country’s worst superhero now has his own Twitter account, to keep track of his many achievements.
  • Kristine Kathryn Rusch has a long post about the importance of an editor, especially if you’ve decided to self-publish. She shares what type of editor to hire (do you need a line editor? copy editor? both?), warning signs that you should watch for and more. As always, she has some great insights on the industry and great advice for people new and old to the book biz.