Game of Beers! Beer of Thrones!

I know the Game of Thrones beers have been out for a while with the Iron Throne Blonde Ale but I’m super excited to see that Ommegang Brewery has released their newest to the collection, Take the Black Stout. This beer’s a nod to the Night’s Watch who are the shield that guards the realm of men.

I know that it’s a marketing gimmick but as a Game of Thrones AND beer fan, this hits me in all the right spots. Cheers!

Morning Cuppa – 06/03/13 – WTF: Turkey! SFWA! GoT!

It was a weekend of wtf’s of varying shapes and sizes. The most troubling of course was the news out of Turkey, which I round up a bit for you below. Then there was the kerfuffle within the ranks of the SFWA and finally, last night’s episode of GoT (no spoilers, promise).

  • What started as a peaceful protest to prevent the razing of a public park has turned into a fight for the soul of a country. Neil Gaiman’s tumblr has some harrowing photos of what’s happening in Turkey right now. Note: there have been no confirmed deaths at this point, in spite of what those photos say.
    Washington Post roundup of events here, from Friday.
    There are a number of social media angles you can follow, a Facebook page, the #occupygezi hashtag on twitter and this page on tumblr.
  • The latest issue of the SFWA member’s magazine, Bulletin has raised some hackles with a couple of arguably sexist pieces that ran. The first thing that brought it to my attention was E. Catherine Tobler’s blog post where she announced that she was leaving the organization. Not being a subscriber, I found this excellent, well thought out sum-up on Kate Milford’s blog with quotes from the article in question:

    Our Warrior Woman protesters and enemies of the adjective (who unlike Ms. Dworkin will not identify themselves) fall into the category of what Right Wing radio talkers call “liberal fascists,” and I cannot disagree with that description.

    Liberal fascists, huh? Fuck’s sake you guys know how to clear a room. This, of course, is the response to reader complaints about an article by long time SFWA members Barry Malzberg and Mike Resnick by the same.
    Jim C. Hines rounded up responses from sites near and far if you want to get more into the nitty gritty.
    And finally, the SFWA responded quickly with a task force headed up by VP Rachel Swirsky as well as issuing a formal apology from President John Scalzi.

  • Finally, fans of the Game of Thrones television show finally made it to the Red Wedding scene. For those who haven’t read the books, you poor, poor people.

Morning Cuppa – 05/20/13 – BookLikes! Branding yourself! Game of Thrones!


  • There’s a new social network for books that has just come out of beta called BookLikes. From the description, it combines short form book reviews and ties it into bookseller websites. Could it be an effective replacement for Goodreads, now that Amazon owns them?
  • One of the things that authors neglect so much in their careers is that they are a business. And for good reason, who wants to be a business, I want to make art, right? But, if you have any designs on making money with your art, you probably need to consider what it means to be a business. You need something that the public relates to, that communicates who you are and what you do effectively. You need a brand, and Writer Unboxed shares some ideas about what that means and how to execute it.
  • I’ve wondered how this was going to play out… considering how quickly the Game of Thrones tv show is plowing through the action in the books, will they reveal the ending before George RR Martin is able to write the last two books? He’s not the fastest writer in the world to begin with and with HBO saying that there is a definite date that they’re ending the show by, it would seem the show may spoil the book.

Morning Cuppa – 04/05/13 – Clarke Awards! Michael Stackpole on NSB! GoT in Facebook format!

Happy Friday folks, we’re almost to the blessed weekend where we’ll all party too hard and come back worse for the wear on Monday.

  • The Clarke Awards shortlist was announced yesterday and many were surprised to see that it was occupied solely by men. Folks were even more surprised when they found out that the committee involved in the selection was all women. Liz Williams, who was a member of the judging panel and a self-described feminist, wrote on the Guardian that the problem was more with the submissions they received falling more in the fantasy realm than in scifi. She stated with some pride that the selections this year were a return to the “sensawunda” and critical thought that many have complained has been lacking in previous years. She also said that, “as a feminist, I am opposed to including women writers in shortlists just because they are female.”
  • Michael Stackpole writes in regards to the terms of the Night Shade Books deal, thanks but no thanks. The terms that he and all the other NSB authors are being asked to agree to aren’t incentive enough for him to agree. He outlines a staggering reduction in royalties and a hazy view of what his rights are to some formats of his material as key reasons.
  • My partner, Juliette, lead me to this post that is a recap of the Game of Thrones season 3 premier, pretty funny stuff.
  • Considering his enormous cultural importance and the fact that he was a brilliant mind and a great human being, it feels only appropriate that I should mention the passing of Roger Ebert, at the age of 70, to cancer.

Morning Cuppa – 03/29/13 – Kickstarter! Game of Thrones! Geek & Sundry!

Happy Friday folks, some of you are off on holiday and I consider you to be amongst the most foul and dispica– SORRY ABOUT THAT! My cat wrote that last part, hehe, silly kitty. Think of me as you sit around not working.  I MEAN IT! Oh and if you have HBO, you could make up for the fact that I have to work today by inviting me over for some Game of Thrones on Sunday.

  • MCA Hogarth (who was featured a little earlier this year on this blog) has a post up on the Science Fiction Writer’s Association website about Kickstarter, is it the right thing for the project you’re working on? She would know, having successfully funded five of her own in a single year. She’s even written a book about kickstarting.
  • If you’re as jazzed as I am that the new season of Game of Thrones starts up this Sunday, maybe you should consider having a dinner party themed around the show. Eatocracy has an article and full menu to inspire your tastebuds and your imagination while you watch along on Sunday.
  • SF Signal has the lineup for Geek and Sundry season 2. I’m interested in seeing what Felicia’s Ark will be about. It’s also exciting to see them try out their first animated series (though the musical element doesn’t appeal to me very much). And naturally, the big one in their stable since The Guild is (apparently) over, Table Top! Cheers to her and hoping that it’s another successful year.