Morning Cuppa – 05/20/13 – BookLikes! Branding yourself! Game of Thrones!


  • There’s a new social network for books that has just come out of beta called BookLikes. From the description, it combines short form book reviews and ties it into bookseller websites. Could it be an effective replacement for Goodreads, now that Amazon owns them?
  • One of the things that authors neglect so much in their careers is that they are a business. And for good reason, who wants to be a business, I want to make art, right? But, if you have any designs on making money with your art, you probably need to consider what it means to be a business. You need something that the public relates to, that communicates who you are and what you do effectively. You need a brand, and Writer Unboxed shares some ideas about what that means and how to execute it.
  • I’ve wondered how this was going to play out… considering how quickly the Game of Thrones tv show is plowing through the action in the books, will they reveal the ending before George RR Martin is able to write the last two books? He’s not the fastest writer in the world to begin with and with HBO saying that there is a definite date that they’re ending the show by, it would seem the show may spoil the book.

Morning Cuppa – 05/01/13 – GoodReads! New SFWA site design! Tor piracy!

Happy May Day! This is the original Labor Day as well as the day of many pagan festivals in celebration of spring and fertility. So take the day off work and get your groove on!

  • Are you an author who is not taking advantage of GoodReads? Have you been too intimidated to take the plunge or just feel like you don’t have time? Or maybe you’re feeling grumpy about Amazon buying them… As Joanna Penn writes, you can either take control of your account or risk readers entering your information for you. Which might not be all bad as long as they love your work, right? Fortunately for you, she’s got a guest blog post by Mayor A. Lan that takes a deep dive into the site and teaches you everything you need to know about it.
  • After years of dedicated service, the old website design for the SFWA has been replaced by a new WordPress design. Go check it out, ooh and aah over how pretty it looks now.
  • So how’s that whole DRM-free thing going for you Tor? How precipitously have sales dropped?
    Oh… not at all? Well, okay, I’ll just continue about my work then.

Goodreads acquired by Amazon

I thought this warranted a special blog post this afternoon because of the ripple that it’s having throughout the publishing world right now. Amazon has announced that they have acquired social book site Goodreads for an undisclosed amount of money. The San Francisco based company is said to be retaining their staff and headquarters for now.

This increases Amazon’s behemoth reach into the publishing industry and adds to the leverage that they already have with their publishing arm and their audio book company, Audible.

My first thought:

[Wonder if this means that Goodreads will only link to Amazon listings now rather than kobo, bn, etc?]