Morning Cuppa – 03/21/13 – Hemingway! Websites matter! Charles Stross on self publishing!

I have a crippling case of con-envy this morning as my boy-o’s are off swan-diving into the sweaty pool of geekery that is Pax East. Don’t shed a tear for me though, I’m fine, REALLY I’M FINE!

  • Have you ever had the dream to get an opportunity to work in another writer’s space? If you’re willing to commit to a year-long stint in a suburban Chicago attic, then you just might be able to work in a home that Hemingway lived in. Until he was five at least. But hey, HISTORY!!!
  • Do you still need a website? Is it even an important part of an author’s platform anymore? You bet your boots, and especially if you’re an author of scifi, fantasy or horror, a website and rss feeds are a piece of the open web for which the paragons of our collective genres advocated. Jeremiah Tolbert explains more.
  • Charles Stross explains in a blog post today why he chooses not to self publish. When it comes right down to it, he doesn’t want to do the sales, marketing, not to mention copy editing, etc that goes into getting a book out. And it would be a huge time-suck even if he did know every part of the process. He’d rather just stick to the writing.
    Fair enough, though as a (currently) unpublished author, sometimes I wonder if that same freedom exists. If I never manage to get a contract, or if I decide that the payoffs for going with a publisher are too minimal, then I’ll be stuck doing these tasks myself. It’s neither here nor there, after all he was just relating why¬†he doesn’t self publish but it does give you something to consider.

As I mentioned, my compadres from the podcast that I’m in, Unqualified Geeks, are at Pax East all weekend. Follow them on Twitter for more coverage.