Lucius Shepard is dead

Damn, terrible news on such a beautiful day. Lucius Shepard was one of the most under-appreciated writers of fiction, science fiction and cyberpunk of a generation.
As this blog post notes, he was prolific as a short story writer and novella-ist but didn’t care for formats longer than that. Perhaps, sadly, he’ll gain more recognition in death as the shorter forms of writing become more popular.
Lucius had an enormous influence on my writing, he wrote often in a magical realism style with heavy psychedelic influences (I would also contend that he fit well within the ‘weird’ genre). His stories are immersive, they wrap their tentacles around your imagination and leave you changed. I often found myself having to process a story of his for days or weeks afterwards, like a profound hallucinogenic trip. He was that good.
People spoke quite a bit about the influence of Lovecraft on shows like True Detective. That’s very true, but without writers in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s like Lucius Shepard, True Detective would never have happened.
Anyways, as the linked blog post says on his views of the afterlife: “You want to know happens? They dig a hole, they dump you in, and then they shovel dirt over you. End of story. Reincarnation? Think worms.”
Those are going to be some awakened, enlightened worms. Rest in peace. What is remembered never dies.