Morning Cuppa – 05/16/13 – Charges dropped! How not to market! Ebooks growth!


  • The teen who was arrested for committing science in a South Florida classroom has had the felony(!) charges against her dropped. Thank fucking god. Now how about a scholarship from the reactionary police department that treated her like a terrorist? 
  • I read A LOT about writing. The business of writing, writing tips to improve your story, and snke-oil marketing suggestions… dear lord the marketing suggestions. I’ve gotten to a point where I believe that a lot of folks who offer marketing advice either don’t know what they’re talking about, or they’re snake oil salesmen.
    Don’t get me wrong, marketing is really important, how else will people find out about your book? Barring the possibility that you’re the next J.K. Rowling and capable of spreading by word of mouth, you gotta think about and plan how you can get in front of your audience. But there is no way to test the veracity of what people tell you (or try to sell you).
    Thankfully, I can trust that whenever I’m troubled by something, Chuck Wendig wrote about it a few hours before. We have a special birthday (and beard) connection that way. He writes about how not to market to people: with a silk glove, not a hand grenade in the face.
    What valuable marketing advice have you received?
  • Ebooks continue to go gangbusters, accounting for nearly $1 billion in growth in 2012.


Morning Cuppa – 04/04/13 – Marketing! Amazon v. Cornish! Space travel!

I have to admit that I was pretty surprised by the amount of traffic my little blog got yesterday. As my day job, I work on the operations end of a newspaper, so it was kind of weird being thrust into reporting… and doing it just for myself! Anyways, if anyone who found me thanks to the Night Shade Books coverage that I did has returned, then welcome! I’m Nathan, a writer, blogger, podcaster and all around geek (qualified or not is up for discussion 😉. Yes, that is my flappy head over there on the right. I’ve written a novel that I’m struggling through editing and I’ve begun writing a second, which I blog about. My goal is to be finished with the edits on the first one before the end of this year. I also do a daily post, which you’re reading now called Morning Cuppa. It’s generally a few links to things I find interesting in the scifi/fantasy/horror genres, posts about writing inspiration and the writing biz as well as whatever nerdy things I feel like sharing. Thanks for your interest and feel free to follow me on Twitter as well, I’m @nmhall.

  • What sort of marketing practices or gimmicks have actually succeeded for people? As a small fry with a limited budget, what could I do to draw more attention to my book? Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian asked that very question to his ready-made audience on the site about his own book. Some of the responses went from practical: write a good book, to the outlandish: set up a temporary bookstore in Brooklyn that only sells your book (how wealthy would you have to be to execute that in the first place?).
  • Amazon proves what ridiculous things can happen when you’re on top of a defacto monopoly by refusing to allow a Cornish language book into the Kindle store because they don’t currently support the language. As you’ll note, the Cornish alphabet shouldn’t present too many problems for rendering in Kindle devices.
  • The 2013 Clarke Awards short list has been announced.
  • Space travel and the distance between planets is always such a hard thing to wrap your mind around. Sure you’ve got astronomical units (AU) which is the rough distance between the sun and Earth, but what does that even mean? And what about the distance to our closest planetary neighbor, Mars? Designer Dave Paliwoda decided to tackle the visualization to help people understand the distance to it from Earth, using something most of you are familiar with, whether you realize it or not… pixels. The results are eye opening, and show us just how much further we have to go in our advances in space travel if we want to make it a reality.