Morning Cuppa – 01/20/13 – MANOS; Neanderthal birthing; Jonathan Coulton v. Glee!

A belated morning cuppa, served up in the afternoon for you (and probably only because I’m procrastinating on getting started editing the damn book!

    • Jonathan Coulton ripped off by Glee? The nerd troubadour claims that his version of “Baby Got Back” was almost completely ripped off by the folks at Glee. The jury’s still out but the evidence is pretty compelling.Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 4.08.49 PM
    • Are you a young woman interested in birthing an extinct species that may or may not live beyond a few minutes after birth and will relentlessly be tested by scientists throughout however brief a life it lives? Yes? Cool, we need someone to give birth to a neanderthal. Applicants should probably be prepared for the newborn’s, “relatively robust face,” however. Yowza.
    • Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will rejoice to discover that “MANOS – The Hands of Fate” has now been turned into an 8-bit video game for iOS devices. For $1.99 it sounds like a steal and based on the screen caps, Tom Servo even makes an appearance. So buckle in and be prepared to duel it out with Torgo and the Master!
    • R.L. Stine shares how he was first turned on to Ray Bradbury’s novels and it became a major turning point in his life.



Morning Cuppa – 01/19/13 – Lynn Willis passes; Jim Hines’ sexy bookcovers; Simon Pegg has an AT-AT problem

Good morning folks, hope you got more sleep than me! I had a busy night of mild hell-raising with some folks several years my junior (and you guys do this every night?). Here’s your morning cuppa.


  • A large excerpt of Hugh Howey’s Wool is available for free on

Morning Cuppa – 01/18/13 – Worldbuilders fundraiser, worldbuilding, glittery alien sex

Yay! Congrats, you’ve made it to Friday! ::achievement unlocked:: Some great stuff to share today, please read along, won’t you?

Morning Cuppa – 01/17/13 – Sexism, Warwick Davis, Jay Lake update, DW Grintalis interview (not all related)!

Good morning and happy Thursday all, here’s what’s on my radar this morning. We’re one day closer to the weekend!

Morning cuppa – 01/16/13

This is a new theme that I’m going to try on for a little while, inspired by’s morning roundup and i09’s morning spoilers. It’ s my own personal roundup of things I’m reading or bookmarking for later.

  •’s morning roundup features Writer’s Tears whiskey. Gonna need to pick up some of that if my edit doesn’t start to get in order.
  • Google has a fun Doodle today, commemorating Frank Zamboni, inventor of- you guessed it- the Zamboni machine. The Doodle is actually a fun interactive game in an 8-bit style.
  • Did you see Learning Town? Will you watch it?