Morning Cuppa – 05/19/13 – Nebula Award winners! Gen Con event registration!


  • The 2012 Nebula Award winners have been announced by The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America in San Jose, California this weekend. 
  • Today is event registration day for Gen Con! I’m debating doing another year of heavy writer’s workshops or trying to intersperse some games in as well.

Morning Cuppa – 02/23/13 – Short Fiction Saturday

Toast up some slices of French bread, brew some coffee and hop back in bed for this Saturday’s short fiction. Or do whatever weekend ritual feels right to you, that one is mine, maybe you enjoy crafting helmets out of watermelons while reading in bed. That’s your deal.watermelon

  • I know I already linked this one up earlier this week but it’s worth the repost since it contains so much free fiction… excerpts from Nebula Award Nominees
  • Neil Gaiman did a promotion for the new Blackberry called, “Keep Moving” where he prompted people on Twitter and then selected a response to use as the basis for a story. Each prompt was based around a month of the year, so there are twelve very short shorts available for download.
  • shares The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere by John Chu.
    • In the near future water falls from the sky whenever someone lies (either a mist or a torrential flood depending on the intensity of the lie). This makes life difficult for Matt as he maneuvers the marriage question with his lover and how best to “come out” to his traditional Chinese parents.

For the month of February, if you’re an author who would like me to read your book (and post about it afterwards) please leave a comment below.

Morning Cuppa – 02/21/13 – Mark Hamill DDoS’s the INTARWEBS! Nebulas! Mars!


  • Star Wars news and rumors have been blowing up the intarwebs this past week and Mark Hamill finally threw down the gauntlet. Hamill was quoted* as saying, “Fuck it, me and Harrison Ford, Billy Dee Williams, Carrie Fisher and Anthony Daniels. We started a posse.  Boom. Enjoy your DDoS of EVERYTHING, internet!” He then dropped the mic and left. mark_hamill
  • Yesterday the nominees for the Nebula Awards were announced and it’s a pretty exciting crew. GalleyCat has free samples of each so you can check them out.
  • Will the first manned mission to Mars be from a private entrepreneur? If space tourist Dennis Tito is to be believed, the answer is yes and soon.
  • Joe Hill has some great advice for people who are writing a novel and hoping to “not waste their time” on a book that doesn’t sell.
    • Whether you sell the book or not, it won’t be wasted time. You will be developing crucial skills for the next book. You will develop ideas you can recycle later. Success comes from the things you learn when you fail. If you can’t bear to fail, it’s hard to grow as an artist. **
  • And as always, for what remains of the month of February if you’re an author who would like me to buy and read your book, please leave a comment below.

*Mark Hamill probably didn’t say these things, but he should have.

**Joe Hill did say these things.