Morning Cuppa – 05/31/13 – Pagans! Trannies! Unicorns! BDSM!

It’s all about sin today folks! Or, at least someone’s idea of what that means. The only sin from my perspective is that I didn’t buy that fabulous unicorns on velvet painting.

  • Somewhat near where I live there’s been a minor uproar in a small community because a pagan group wants to hold a Summer Solstice celebration in a public park┬áprivate resort (fuck’s sake, even worse now). Blah blah, there’s a lot to say about equal access and that if anyone tried to deny the other side anything it would be a call to arms (in Florida, literally). Anyways, the whole reason I felt like sharing it this morning was for this priceless quote that had me nearly spraying coffee out of my nose.
    “We are opening ourselves up to things we should not, like belly dancing and magic spells.”
  • Also, this: Genderswapping superhero cartoon accused of being left-wing propaganda conspiracy. Apparently creepos have their pantaloons in a twist because the main character is a boy who puts on a magic ring and becomes… a girl superhero. Terrifying. Truly.
  • And now for the kicker that will assure I get hate mail from today’s post: People who are into BDSM are more well adjusted and mentally fit than you are. Boom. Happy weekend. Now go play with some damn unicorns.