Weird Tales and Non-racism

While flying home from Gen Con this weekend I noticed an odd blip fly across the social media radar. Weird Tales, a magazine that I have enjoyed under many editors and publishers, was posting a selection from a book that they assured was the most non-racist book, possibly ev-AR.

This on its own, especially in our society, was an odd enough assertion that I wanted to find out what the hell they were talking about. So I clicked on the link and found one of the strangest (even for a magazine with weird in the title) endorsements I’ve read of a new book.

The post by editor Marvin Kaye titled, “A Thoroughly Non-racist Book” stated without much context that Weird Tales would be publishing an excerpt of a novel in an upcoming issue. The selection would be from Victoria Foyt’s Saving Pearls: Revealing Eden. He assured that the book is primarily about ecology and global warming and that the loud accusations of racist elements that some people saw as offensive were actually not offensive but resulted from a simple difference of opinion.

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