Introducing my new project, the Unqualified Geeks podcast!

Shameless plug alert! I’ve been hinting at this in some posts over the last few weeks but I’m happy to announce a new project that I’ve been working on with a couple of good friends. We’ve started a new podcast called Unqualified Geeks where we talk about all sorts of geeky stuff, some of it timely, some not so much.UG-basic-itunes-logo

So, why “unqualified?” Because we feel there’s a thread within our culture but especially in geek culture that only values “expert” opinion on any subject. While being knowledgable and sharing your specific expertise with others can be fun, using that same information to lord over other people is not fun, and is dickish behavior. We subscribe to Wheaton’s Law in this matter (ie, don’t be a dick). So to that extent, we don’t feel like we’re an authority on any of the subjects we talk about. And yet we still love geek culture and felt passionate enough about it to start our own podcast.

So far we’ve stuck to a discussion format but as we go along and especially as our equipment improves, we’d like to start doing some interviews. Please check us out over at, find us in the iTunes store and on Twitter and Facebook. The website is still a work in progress, so bear with us!

The Write Lines: Ebook publishing and getting a traditional book deal

Sue Cook talks to Mark Edwards (Catch your Death, Killing Cupid), Roz Morris (My Memories of a Future Life) and Mel Sherratt (Taunting the Dead, Somewhere to Hide) about self-publishing ebooks on Amazon. The guests share their experiences, with advice about how to get to the top of the Kindle chart, and perhaps even get a traditional book deal. Produced by Ian Skillicorn.

The Write Lines: Ebook publishing and getting a traditional book deal [PODCAST] | BookMachine – the book publishing portal – events, views and publishing tips.