Morning Cuppa – 02/26/13 – Fav writer’s blogs! Janice Hardy! Chuck Wendig! (they rockz) Rifftrax Twilight!

I’ve got some great stuff to share today from a couple of my favorite bloggers and some exciting news from Rifftrax!

  • Evil genius Janice Hardy has one of the best blogs about writing around. Seriously, I need some of your skillz! In this post she describes alternate ways to describe character reactions. The part where my face melted was when she recommended not sweating it in the first draft and then coming back and doing a “reaction revision” afterwards, in other words, make their emotions pop more. If you’re not a writer that may come across a bit underwhelming. If you are a writer, getting ANY advice that changes and improves the way you approach your craft is enough to leave you thankful to have been lead to the doorstep of Valhalla.
  • Another evil genius that is so good he should be on a damn box of cereal is Chuck Wendig. If you’re writing, (anything, it doesn’t have to be genre) and you think to yourself, this part is hard, what the hell am I supposed to do now? Chuck Wendig has probably already answered you with his psychic-miracle-ninja powers. Today he shares, “HOW TO KARATE YOUR NOVEL AND EDIT THAT MOTHERFUCKER HARD: A NO-FOOLIN’ FIX-THAT-SHIT EDITING PLAN TO FINISH THE GODDAMN JOB.” And this is exactly the kick in the ass I needed today. I’m not even going to pull any quotes from it, just go read it. While I’m sitting around with my finished novel, weeping that I don’t know how to edit and getting snot crusted in my beard Chuck comes along and helps me to my feet and then does a roundhouse kick to my self-doubt. He should make a book from these posts. [EDIT: he has and here, and here too] Thanks dude.
  • Rifftrax jumpstarted their Kickstarter yesterday. Their goal? To raise enough money to buy the rights to Twilight, which fans voted as the worst movie of all time, so that they can riff it live and broadcast it to theaters across the nation. They reached their goal within an hour. As of 7:30 this morning, they had more than doubled it.