Morning Cuppa – 05/22/13 – I start blogging for Apex! Bookstore deathwatch! 5 paths to publishing!


  • Yesterday, I started a gig as a blogger for Apex Book Company. It’s a once a month sort of thing shared with a stable of other writers. I’m really excited for the opporunity! Go check out my post, An Ode to the Weird!
  • In spite of all the news that indies are doing great now that the major bookstores are closing down, times are still tough for booksellers. Case in point: Once Sold Tales, the Seattle bookstore, is closing down and are in a mad dash to get rid of their 500,000 book inventory before they have to vacate their warehouse and pulp all of their remaining product.
  • We all know the night is dark and full of terrors, right? But the paths to publishing don’t necessarily have to be especially with the help of Virginia Quarterly web editor Jane Friedman. She’s put together a one-page pdf that outlines 5 common paths to publishing, assessing value to the author, degree of risk, and money making potential. Neato.